Whether you’re new to running or trying to reach the next level, a coach can help you reach your goals. It also frees up time and energy, so that you can balance training and life.

Consider one of the following DRC members who also happens to be a coach!

Sean Meissner


Sean Meissner offers coaching to runners of all ages and abilities wanting to improve their running. Sean has a strong background in running and racing in a wide range of distances and on varied surfaces. Over the past 17 years, he has mainly focused on trail ultramarathons (he currently has 181 ultramarathon finishes) and has been a Montrail-sponsored runner since 2003. Sean also loves to mix it up on the pavement with quite a few marathon, half marathon, and shorter races each year, including cross country.

Following his own racing, Sean enjoys coaching clients with goals over a wide variety of distances and terrain. His coaching background consists of helping runners of all distances and abilities, from brand new runners looking to make running part of their lifestyle, to the 5k-10k-half marathon runner, and runners training for their first, or 50th, marathon or ultramarathon. In addition, he was an assistant high school cross country coach for 10 years.

You can contact Sean for more information at sean@irunfar.com.